New Arrival–iXCC Bluetooth Headset

iXCC has an in-ear style and ergonomic plan fits your ears superbly and securing your ears successfully. The device features the CVC6.0 noise cancelling technology used to filter background noise to ensure high-quality sound.


The iXCC earphones give around 160 hours of standby, 5 hours of music playback, and 6 hours of talk time. Bluetooth v4.1 incorporates EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) for better correspondence amongst earphones and other Bluetooth 4.1 gadgets, and it additionally empowers you to connect with up to 2 gadgets to the earphones in collectively.

· Apt-X technology empowers CD-like quality sound

· IPX4 ‘sweat-proof’ covering and adaptable ear balances to help keep the earphones set up in place

· CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology reduces ambient noise and improves voice quality

· 2-year warranty


· Bluetooth 4.0 remote stereo headset in-ear noise cancelling, sweat proof wear ear buds earphone with an inherent receiver for running, exercise centre, exercise and more.

· High capacity: built in 85mAh battery for over 4-hour music time at max volume and up to 7-hour call talk time can be completely charged inside 1.5 hours and guarantees 180-hour standby time.

· Superior sound: CVC6.0 noise cancelling technology reduces background noise and EDR ensures excellent Sound flag transmission.

· Bluetooth form: CSR8653/V4.0+EDR

· BT profiles: headset/hands-free/A2DP/AVRCP

· Working separation: 10M; good with iPhone 7/6s/6/Plus, Galaxy/edge/note or other Bluetooth-empowered cell phone and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

· What is in the box? 1 x Wireless earphone, 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Ear Caps. Take note of: this headset is offered with 2-year production warranty.


An IXCC Bluetooth headset is affordable. It costs less than $20.


Technology is continually changing and developing with new patterns flying up apparently all of a sudden. Many individuals have as of now grasped remote Bluetooth earphones, yet at the same time there are those that vibe to some degree careful about experimenting with new technology. Obviously, one of the best parts of iXCC Bluetooth headsets is that they are total without hands. Hence, a few people appear to invest a lot of energy visiting on the telephone or utilizing them around the home.

One of the greatest confusions about iXCC Bluetooth headphones is that they are helpful just when chatting on the telephone. Bluetooth technology is available in a considerable measure of the present day home machines accessible, making these headsets a standout amongst the most valuable and adaptable ventures that you could make. Over-the-ear earphones have a tendency to be more proficient as far as sound quality, yet in-ear telephones are more smooth and simpler to stow away. All things considered, what are the advantages of picking a Bluetooth earphone?

  • No Cables

Obviously, a standout amongst the most vital parts of these iXCC headsets is that are they hands-free, as well as don’t have a string appended that you have to stress over. This makes iXCC Bluetooth earphones ideal gadgets when you have to move around the home a great deal or you’re in a hurry. Utilizing this new Bluetooth technology is additionally less demanding on your batteries as less vitality is required to emanate signals.

It is additionally helpful to remember that cords have dependably been an obstacle when tuning into music while doing an exercise schedule. Cords can get tangled or when pulled, they can drive the headphones out of your ear. So as it is obvious, Movement is easy.

  • Awesome Sound

At the point when Bluetooth earphones initially showed up in the market, in addition to the fact that they were costly, the sound quality was altogether more terrible than a corded pair of headphones. At last, this made individuals expect this technology wouldn’t last. Throughout the years notwithstanding, Bluetooth earphones have increased quality and by and large, they are practically identical in sound execution to the antiquated ear buds.

The iXCC Bluetooth headset is another expansion to these headsets which has been the bass-boosting technology that amplifies sound and upgrades the nature of your beats. Sound segregation is recently yet another development in Bluetooth headway that guarantees you can hear your music or discussion unmistakably without influencing your condition.

  • Stylish And Trendy

iXCC Bluetooth headsets were intended to be used while working out, which gives them a ultra-smooth current appearance as for an outline. They can look great with any outfit and give you the impact of being totally mechanically progressed.

  •  Sweat Proof

Comfort with iXCC is as good as any other smartphone ear buds. Soaked ear buds are somewhat messy, yet my iXCC amazed me with its sweat-proof feature. They survived a sweat-soaked 1-hour run (different situations) while never slipping out of my ears. You can sweat all you want while exercise but you got an assurance that your ear buds won’t get soaked.

  • Affordable

As it was specified, headsets used to be costly and past the scope of a normal individual’s spending when they initially turned out. Throughout the years, iXCC Bluetooth headset has been made to be more affordable.

  • Accomplish More With Less Effort

Aside from making your life considerably less demanding, the iXCC Bluetooth headset regularly has additional capacities. One of these capacities is the capacity to multi-errand. Say for instance you answering a telephone call while music is in play. A few models have a catch on the headset that enables you to get the telephone, hang up when completed and return to your unique errand.

As it should be obvious, iXCC Bluetooth technology has taken quantum jumps towards accomplishment in the course of recent years. When you see the advantages and the affordability, why not attempt the headset yourself?

  • Comfortable

Comfort is at least as good as any typical smartphone ear buds. The iXCC is very comfortable, and it can survive up to 1-hour sweaty run (multiple times) without ever slipping out of the ears.


1. To many consumers, it quite expensive, making it impossible to be compared to the old wired headsets which are 10 times more affordable. They will say that placing cash into it is much the same as squandering your valuable dollars. Why purchase something costly when a similar work is being done at less cost? Nevertheless, the iXCC is affordable and still durable unlike previous technology.

2. The sound originating from it is mono which is used when the sound doesn’t require too much bandwidth yield, yet some consumers are not comfortable with it. I’d say they prefer a “stereo” model. Whichever, this should be the consumer’s preference and not a major issue.


The iXCC Bluetooth 4.1 headset is a reasonable arrangement of in-ear earphones ideal for the exercise center, running — or even a bit of gaming on your most loved compact gadget. Obviously, I feel constrained to specify the gaming angle simply because that is my general “beat” — yet I like to think about general way of life, technology.

The iXCC earphones are intended for the general use, not gaming. The earphones paired effectively with my Google Nexus 6P, and in the wake of testing a couple of music and general music playback, I was off and running. I figured going for a run was the most ideal approach to testing the comfort and general use for the iXCC under “thorough” test conditions.

Generally speaking, I’d rate music playback as better than expected, in any event, contrasted with standard headphones regularly included with advanced mobile phones. The iXCC gave somewhat more vigorous sound than my Samsung earphones (that accompanied a Samsung S4). While running, I noted a few skips from time to time, which appeared to be odd considering the headset and my telephone were in such nearness. Furthermore, I wasn’t streaming music it is possible that — I was playing MP3 records put away on the telephone. Be that as it may, this exclusive happened on the course of just one run, and it didn’t occur again running a similar course (with a similar playlist) later in the week.

The on-ear earphone controls are not extremely functional since removing an earphone to use the volume control functions effectively. Frankly speaking, I don’t know there’s any simple outline/designing that would take care of that issue for this or comparable headsets. The iXCC is simply a must get for you! Give it a trial today.

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