How to Clean Your Gaming Mousepad

Which is cleaner – your old mousepad or your toilet seat? Let’s hope it’s your mousepad, but just in case, we’ll show you how to properly clean and maintain your product so that it’s as good as new.


  • Handsoap or other mild cleaning product
  • Soft brush
  • A dry towel.


#1 Wet the gaming mouse pad with warm water.

#2 Apply handsoap.

#3 Brush the pad with the soft brush thoroughly.

#4 Rinse all the cleaner off the mousepad.

#5 Dry with a towel and allow a few hours to dry .

Some Things to Avoid:

#1 Don’t rub the mousepad with a rough brush as it can damage the surface.

#2 Don’t wash or dry using a washing machine.

#3 Don’t twist or wring the mousepad.

#4 Don’t use washing powder and other strong cleaning products.

Alternatively, you can keep baby wipes next to you for maintaining your mousepad. Baby wipes are designed to gently eradicate any sticky, tacky and runny substances and should also remove most germs at the same time. As an added bonus, they’re not too wet which means you can clean at your desk and go straight back to gaming. Just keep a pack next to your computer desk and the problem is solved.

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