August 1, 2017


iXCC is one of the largest sellers on Amazon and was founded in 2012 by Zach Chen after he became frustrated that he could not find alternatives to Apple branded Lightning cables that were durable, high-quality and affordable.

At that time, the market was full of low quality, non-certified cables that broke easily, and in some cases caused harm to your device. Zach realized that there was a demand for a reliable alternative to Apple branded cables and after a lot of research and hard work, he started to produce some the first  Apple MFi certified cables on the market under the iXCC brand.  

iXCC branded Apple MFi certified Lightning cables were an instant success and are some of the best-selling cables on Amazon today.  People love that the cables last longer because of their quality and that they have a stylish appearance all at a reasonable price. iXCC received a lot of great feedback and “Thank You” notes from customers who were thrilled to have a new choice that they could trust. Because of the huge success of iXCC MFI certified Lightning cables, iXCC started producing other accessories for smart-devices and quickly went from being known as the “ cable company,” to being one of the leading mobile accessory companies in the e-commerce world.

Today,  iXCC has served over 5 million customers and has expanded its product line of Apple certified cablesmicro-USB cablesauxiliary audio stereo cables, to include smartphone and tablets cases, bluetooth headphone/ earbuds, bluetooth keyboardspower banksscreen protectors, cables straps and much more.  To assure that customers are satisfied with our products, we offer a two-year warranty. We even go further with our screen protectors, by offering a lifetime warranty. Currently, iXCC products can be found on Amazon U.S.Amazon U.K., Amazon French, Amazon GemanyAmazon Spain, Amazon ItalyAmazon Japan, eBayNewegg and with expanded marketplaces planned in the future.  We keep our steps with tide and always provide the newest, popular and best quality products.

iXCC’s passion is to provide simple solutions that keep people connected to technology.  As a consumer-centric company, we rely heavily on the feedback of our customers to make sure that we are providing the highest quality products and offering first-class customer service. Our iXCC Connect program, aims at doing just that by making sure we are delivering the products consumers want, addressing their concerns and rewarding their loyalty by offering exclusive deals, promotions and free products. If you love iXCC and love free products, join the Connect program today!